Monday, 16 April 2018

A Guide To Choosing A Good Alpharetta Roofing Contractor

A leak proof and durable roof is the primary requirement of a house owner; aesthetic appeal is secondary. However, to get such a roof, you need to satisfy some conditions. The underlayment, the panels and their arrangement, the gutter et al need to be perfectly installed or repaired to have a durable roof. The roof must not only be durable and leak proof, it should also be robust enough to withstand storm and ice damage. It should also drain rain water properly and be aesthetically appealing. All these call for a good Alpharetta roofing contractor for your Alpharetta home. The contractor must have years of experience in installing and repairing different types of roofs. The type of roof is very important since varying types call for varying subtleties of maintenance and installation.

Choose A Local And Reputed Contractor
It augurs well for a house owner to contact a local and reputed Alpharetta roofing contractor. The contractor should have a established business. Although most roofers offer a standard five-year warranty, roofs may develop trouble within this period. You may need emergency repair if the roof develops a leakage or tiles get damaged. In such emergency situations, a local contractor is most reliable. However, it must have a established business. If the contractor ceases to exist after two or three years, the warranty offered by the company becomes null and void. In that case, you would have to contact another company and pay for the full repair cost. So look for a local and reputed contractor having a established business.

Points You Need To Ask The Contractor

It is always good to ask the contractor if he has got any experience in installing or repairing the type of roof you have or want to install. There are different kinds of roofing like metal roofing, slate roofing, wood shake roofing, wood shingle roofing, clay roofing, composite shingles roofing etc. Each variety has its own advantage, disadvantage and repairing/installing niceties. If the contractor is not experienced in installing or repairing slate roofing, he may not be aware that it needs a stronger foundation. If such a roof is made on a foundation meant for other kinds of roofing material, it may just turn out to be a disaster. 

Ensure The Following Before Signing On The Dotted Lines

  • Insurance For Workers
See that the contractor has insured its workers against eventualities like death and disability. Roofing installation/repair is a risky job and the workers carrying out the job must be adequately insured. In absence of adequate insurance you are exposed to litigation by workers families. Rules for compensation of workers against death, disability or injury are strict, and you may be forced to cough up a hefty amount as compensation. So, it augurs well for every house owner to see that the contractor has covered the workers against death, disability and injury. To confirm that the insurance is current, you may call the insurance company.
  • No To Storm Chasers
Storm chasers are notorious for frightening house owners in the name of storm damage. Alpharetta does witness stormy seasons and if the roof develops storm damage, it must be repaired quickly in order to stem the rot in the roof underlayment. These people roam localities on pickup trucks with tools for roof repair and may come knocking on your door. They would ask if you are aware of storm damage to the roof. Usually, people readily agree to sign a contract with them to repair the roof at the right earnest. However, these people are not always reliable. You pay a hefty amount for repair, but if the roof develops trouble you may not find them anymore.
  • Low Cost
Low cost does not mean that the Alpharetta roofing contractor is not at par with good ones. However, roof repair is sometimes even trickier than roof replacement. It calls for skilled and experienced workmen who often come for a price. In addition to that the element of insurance must also be added to the cost. This makes roof repair a costly affair; more so if the roofing material is something like slate or clay tile.  If the Alpharetta roofing contractor tries to lure you with a low price, do enquire about the cost of individual element and price of labour. Don’t pay for a substandard job, it may turn out to be a disaster.

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